Granny Mod APK Download Latest Version 1.7.3 (Monster)

Granny Mod APK is a horror game where your key objective is to discover the exit from home and remain alive. Welcome to granny’s home who wanders the lobbies with a bat scanning for the person in question and constantly prepared to destroy you.

Thusly, you have five days to get away from this bad dream and don’t upset the “charming” granny. You can cover up under the bed or in the closet and remain quiet else, you will bite the dust.

granny mod apk

Granny Mod APK Download

The game is planned to utilize the best of the illustrations that will furnish the client with the best gaming experience and you will be given the game to completely liberated from cost guaranteeing most extreme client fulfillment.

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Granny Mod APK Information

AppGranny Mod APK
Size99 MB
April 18, 2019

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Features Of Granny Mod APK

When we utilize an android application ceaselessly for some time, the odds are that the gamer will in the end get exhausted from the ongoing interaction which is on the grounds that the gaming content is constrained. This has begun to turn into another worry for the android game engineers.

• To add on to the difficult ongoing interaction. The creators presented the idea wherein if the gamer can’t get away from the house for a time of whole five days then you will be caught in the house until the end of time. So plan your gaming technique as needs be and get readied to get away from the house supposing that you won’t then you will be gotten and be eaten up by the zombie Granny. So it’s now or never.

• The ongoing interaction is intended to consistently keep you mindful and arranged. The gamer must make certain to keep his tracks secured else it will the Granny will bestir and will come chasing down for you. The moment she gets you, she will decimate you, and afterward the game will end. On the off chance that you need to come out of the house alive.

• If you imagine that the whole house will be against you then you can’t be any progressively off-base on the grounds that the game has a ton of shrouded rooms. Pantries where you can avoid the Granny so you should simply to think cautiously and concoct the best arrangement.

What’s more in the Granny Mod Apk?

The game that expects you to experience the Granny’s home and investigate the concealed puzzles. The mod apk turns into what tops off an already good thing by furnishing the client with a favorable position as zero harm which will empower the client to overcome the hardest of the rivals and become the best player out there.

The preferred position will let you hold more harm and will assist you in playing the game interminably with no deterrent. With all the advantages, the Granny Mod APK will turn into the favored decision for the android clients.

Easy to escape from the room with Granny Mod (Menu Mod)

Granny is a fascinating game yet it is difficult to play. In this game, you have to get away from the room in 5 days. You have to discover intimations and utilize every single kind thing to assist you with getting away from the room.

What is progressively significant is that you ought to be very in the game. The Granny will come to murder you when she heard any commotion. That is the motivation behind why this game is hard for most players.

Granny Mod (Menu Mod) is an android mod for the game Granny. In this mod, you will find that there is a menu in the left corner of the game interface. You can play the game, Granny, as a typical game when you turn off the menu.

At the point when you open the God mode menu in the game, the granny can’t slaughter you in the game. You additionally can kill the granny in the game, that will cause granny to vanish for 90 seconds. With this mod, Granny will be all the more intriguing for you.

User voting analysis of Granny Mod:

Around 5,596 clients vote about Granny Mod. 4,357 clients affirm Granny Mod works for them. While 1,239 clients figure Granny Mod doesn’t work. Among of all democratic clients, the vast majority of them originate from US, ID, RU, GB, AE.

The biggest number of casting ballot clients from the US. 1,051 US clients think Granny Mod works. 317 US clients figure Granny Mod doesn’t work. Agreeing the insights, the main 5 android form for this mod is android 8.1.0, android 7.0, android 5.1.1, android 6.0.1, android 8.0.0. android 8.1.0 has the biggest number of casting ballot clients, around 884 clients.

Most well-known android gadgets for Granny Mod is Samsung, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, OPPO, others. Around 2,116 clients casting a ballot this mod with Samsung gadget. 1,670 of them check Granny Mod works, other 446 affirm Granny Mod not work.

Gameplay of Granny

In the game Granny, the player must investigate the house to discover things that can assist him with getting away from the house in 5 days. Things incorporate a sled to pry outboards of wood, a shotgun to fire Granny, and a crossbow to thump down tall articles or to slaughter Granny.

The house at present has 5 stories, including a carport and 2 loft territories. The player can escape by addressing ceaselessly the issues on the front entryway, or by fixing the vehicle in the carport, which requires fuel, an oil siphon, a sparkle plug, a vehicle battery, a motor part and a wrench.

In this game the player can stow away under beds or in closets, as long as Granny doesn’t see the player covering up. The player can likewise get injured by tumbling from the precarious floor or wooly creepy crawly in the storage room.

The player can protect themselves from Granny by shooting her with the crossbow. Making her stroll over an ice trap, catching her in the sauna for a while.


  •  Added another “Game Over” end.
  • Fixed another freeze trap glitch.

How to install?

  •  Download Granny Mod (Menu Mod) Apk file on Website.
  •  Once it’s downloaded, open Downloads, tap on the APK file and tap Yes when prompted.
  • Granny Mod (Menu Mod) Apk will begin installing on your device. Simple.


Final Verdict:

For each gamer who is searching for a brave and exciting gaming experience, the Granny Mod Apk is the ideal gaming application for you that allows you to investigate and get away from the Granny’s home.

The decision of going for the changed form over the fundamental adaptation will empower the client to get the benefit of getting zero harm which will permit you to play the game with no strain of coming up short on life and vitality.

You will have the option to bring down the hardest of the adversaries no sweat and be the top player out there.


What is the size of the APK document?

Apk is light in size. Its size relies upon each most recent update. The most recent refreshed record size is 90.9MBs.

Will that document hurts our phone?

No.Not al all. As it is a light size document and won’t interfere with your own information, exhibition and so on. To put it plainly, it is completely innocuous.

Would we be able to execute Granny by downloading Apk?

Granny is a zombie and principle driving character which is phenomenal. You can not slaughter her however can escape her.

Will we need to pay for downloading this document?

This document is liberated from cost, and you can appreciate it openly for a mind-blowing duration.




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